Is Indian Head Massage Your Safe Bet In The Modern Times?

indian head massage


Traditional Indian head massage is different from the now practiced massage in West. However, both styles of massage are equally effective for the society in which they are applied.

The problem is you don’t have time for it.

Guess what … you are not alone. It’s the problem of our modern world. We have less time for head massage and our self care and the implications are huge for our well-being.

We will find the answers comparing the traditions in India and West.

Head massage traditions in India

For an Indian woman her hair is her best decoration, so they spend much time ensuring that their hair is long and good-looking, which is so highly appreciated.

Life in India is not as fast passed as in West, so women have the opportunity to spend a few hours a week on beauty rituals and head massages. This is part of their cultural life.

Besides that personal hair care at home or outside of it is a good opportunity for girls and neighbors gather to discuss their latest news.

Even when the pace of life accelerates people will still make time for massage, because its therapeutic effects are so great.

Traditions in West

It was not so long ago when in West the process of head wash and other self care procedures took a lot of time every week. But the pace of the modern life has increased and it requires that self care procedures took less time and still have maximum effect.

What happened next?

Fast showers, hair dryers and such cosmetic products like the “two in one” shampoos are precisely calculated to satisfy our needs. We have adopted the “wash and go” principle, which means that negligence in regard to self-care has won.

It’s time to rethink our values

The more we focus on speed and convenience in regards to self care, the more our natural need for touch remains unsatisfied.

We are forced to do things on the run, and we can’t enjoy the real quality of life. Stressful situation are in abundance in spite of our financial well-being, and sometimes we feel a strange emptiness.

That’s why many people are trying to find a way to reveal their own inner world and live a balanced and joyful life. There is a growing interest in holistic therapies, which take into account the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of an individual, not forgetting about the physical body.

Indian head massage is one of these methods.

Treatment for the modern world

Indian head massage is now gradually ceased to be an alternative or an experimental therapy and finds more and more recognition in the modern era. Many hairdressing are now offering head massage to their customers as an additional service, though adapted to the restrictions of our modern culture.

Our work and life style has gradually changed and physical activity has given way to a sedentary lifestyle. Every day we face a huge amount of information we need to assimilate. We live a heavily intense mental life.

What does that all mean for us? We feel uncomfortable, we suffer from mental overload, and lack of activity in our body builds up tension.

Despite its name head massage also involves massaging the upper back, shoulders and neck. These are the main areas where stress is accumulating.

In contrast to traditional Indian head massage where essential oils are applied on the scalp, regular head massage is done on a dry scalp, although the use of oils is not forbidden. One of the advantages of this type of massage is that there is no need to remove clothing. Therefore, it can be done anywhere – at home and at work.

Don’t forget the spiritual roots of a scalp massage – it doesn’t just remove the physical strain, but also soothes the soul and helps to balance the body’s bio-energy.

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