The “Eco Organic Private Spa” Concept by Baruch Sarussi

Kessem Bamaga Spa

The owner of the most unique spa I’ve seen, Baruch Sarussi is the massage therapist who made his dream come true. “Eco organic private spa” is the concept of his spa center “Kessem Bamaga”.

I found the concept interesting. So, join me as we examine the file of Baruch Sarussi’s spa.


1. Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow and how long do you practice massage?

I was born in 1960 and grew up in Or Yehuda, Israel. I’m practicing massage since 1988 and if we do the calculations right, it equals 25 years.

2. When and how did you discover the passion for massage and wellness?

When I came from the army I was employed in the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel. One day I felt an acute pain in the back and there was this guy Charlie who offered to help. He gave me the best treatment I could ever have. Charlie was shortsighted and probably this is why his senses were at the top scale.

There was something in Charlie’s treatment that inspired me, and I asked him to mentor me in learning how to give the same kind of massage just for the fun of it, or to help someone with a painful back.

I started learning rehabilitation massage. A year later in 1988 I finished studying, and started working as a freelance massage therapist. I went anywhere my client was. I worked at hotels and at the client’s home. I worked with high class VIP’s of Israel like top models and celebrities. I even had the opportunity to work with Magic Johnson and Faye Dunaway.

3. Tell us a little bit about your spa. What treatments do you offer in your spa?

My spa exists since 2003 and over the years I added many therapies to my practice. My clients can choose from combined massage, AyourVeda marma massage, swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone treatment, aromatherapy, pregnancy massage, salt and herbal baths, detoxification treatments, body peeling, anti-cellulite treatment and body wraps.

fish spaI’m also offering fish spa also known as Ichthyotherapy (the use of fish for cleaning skin wounds or treating other skin  conditions), which is good for treating psoriasis and body exfoliation.

On the territory of the spa I have a few fish ponds which are part of our aquatic system (a food production system that combines raising aquatic animals and cultivating plants in water in a symbiotic environment). The plants I grow clean the water of fish waste by feeding on it.

Today it’s over 10 years my spa exists and I do everything myself, including manufacturing my own spa products. I’ve learned how to make my own essential oils and hydrosol and I stopped buying essential oils, since I have everything I need growing in my garden.

We make body peeling and exfoliation creams from seeds, herbs, Dead Sea salt and mud, and use them for body masks and wraps.

4. Why do you call “Kessem Bamaga” as Eco Organic Private Spa?

Flower in the ponds at Kessem BamagaWell, let’s take it step by step.

Eco – is because I care about this world and how we waste the resources. We can recycle/reuse all the wastes and be able to live a normal life.

Organic – In the early days of my massage career I used products that smelled nice, but rarely had the healing properties of natural herbs. The unnatural ingredients were poisoning both, my clients and me. Buying organic base oil and essential oil wasn’t an option either. Most dealers mixed up to 50% of cheap oil with essential oils.

Based on this experience I started growing my own herbs and distil them. I still buy base oil, because I can’t produce it.

Private – for years I heard clients saying that they would like more privacy. They want to take clean showers and have nobody walking around. So, I decided to take clients only by order, and give them the new concept of eco organic private spa.

The spa is always clean and fresh for singles, couples and groups. There are no other clients around, except the ones that came with you.

5. What is your vision for the Eco Organic Private Spa in five years from now?

My vision in five years is to grow my clientele, and add more therapies, herbs and services. I hope to optimize it into a spa boutique hotel, where clients would stay for a week and would have at their disposal more treatments like hydrotherapy pools with salty water and more.


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  1. Mariana Dobrovolschi says:

    realy its very intresting that I read, I never do a massage like it because for me its very expensive, but I apreciate the fact that all it is do with realy natural products that help us to fell sow great………I hope that anytime I also have the posibility to do it massage

    • Exactly Mariana! Body care treatments are expensive nowadays. So, whenever we pay for treatments we expect the best return on investment. This is why I found Baruch’s philosophy is correct.

      It doesn’t matter what kind of treatments a client receives. Matters that he receives more benefit than harm.

  2. Thank you marina, ion
    My spa is unieq in its natural aspect
    Prices are not high
    I never take to much clients a day so i have time around to creat, mantainig and produce.
    In all treatment im giving my very best

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