What Is Sports Massage

sports massage

  There is always a time when you feel like you’d run easily 3 miles, or would do an exercising plan, because you are on an energy rise. On the wave of this emotional turbulence you decide that it’s time to get into a better shape. The second day you get out for a run. You start with a medium pace, and somewhere in the middle of distance the unexpected happens. Your leg muscles are becoming hard as rock, heart beats increases and breathing is difficult. Your body is giving up. It’s Continue Reading

What Is Reflexology Massage

What is reflexology

Reflexology is another art of massage, but distinct from other types of bodywork. Reflexology is often associated with a relaxing foot massage, which is done as if there was some purpose to the therapy beyond pleasure. Clients don't really understand what's the primary purpose of reflexology. What is it used for? How does it work. Reflexology is like walking barefoot, which is considered healthier than wearing shoes. Here is why. The study of reflexes The same intelligent power that Continue Reading

Why Massage Is the Cornerstone of a Healthy Family

happy family

  Your wife returns back home after a day of work. She is tired and all she wants is have a rest in the bed so that her tiredness goes away. “A massage would make my day” she says, rising up her head and looking straight into your eyes. Great idea! You, the loving and [...]

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What is Swedish Massage

what is swedish massage

  Swedish massage is like a piano play. You want to sink into the melody and enjoy that relaxing feeling. No need to dance or sing, just listen. On the other hand most massage therapists play a relaxing music during a swedish massage. Allow yourself to go with the experience and enjoy it. Beliefs underlying [...]

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What is Rolfing Structural Integration Good For?

What is rolfing structural integration

“Personality is not a mental thing, to me personality expresses a two sided coin, one side is the physical and one side is the mental. A serious change in either one will most certainly result in a serious change in the other.” – Dr. Ida Rolf Rolfing is a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation [...]

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How to be a Hero in an Unhealthy World

The healthy hero

Once upon a time in a wonderland a little prince was born and his name was Healthy. As he grew he was never sick. Day by day he became stronger and wiser. “Prince Healthy!” the king proudly addressed to his son, “What do you wish for your 18th birthday? You can have the most beautiful [...]

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The “Eco Organic Private Spa” Concept by Baruch Sarussi

Kessem Bamaga Spa

The owner of the most unique spa I’ve seen, Baruch Sarussi is the massage therapist who made his dream come true. “Eco organic private spa” is the concept of his spa center “Kessem Bamaga”. I found the concept interesting. So, join me as we examine the file of Baruch Sarussi’s spa. Enjoy. 1. Tell us [...]

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How to Perform a Massage Without Hurting Your Clients

when massage hurts

I hate lying face down on a massage table ready to enjoy a relaxing massage and not getting it. Even worse, I was biting my lip and squeezed my eyelids. More than that, I kept quiet, because the therapist said “We have to work out these knots, it will hurt a little. “OK”, I said [...]

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Acupuncture Benefits: 5 Health Areas You Can Replace Drugs With Needles

benefits of acupuncture

  Let’s face it. Acupuncture is a mystery. Placing needles on certain areas on the body and waiting for the magic to happen, is too good to be true. Considering acupuncture, raises many questions. Is it safe? What are the risks? I don’t want to waste my hard earned money, if it’s not effective. What [...]

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Take Charge of Your Mental Overload The Right Way

Making the right choice

  Shut up already! Leave me alone! I want some peace for a while. I don’t want to think, think and rethink things anymore. I’m tired. OK? I need some sleep and some quite time, but you don’t let me have it. You won’t shut up even when I’m out walking my dog. You speak [...]

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